Pump Rental

"Hospital Grade"
Pump Rental

This "Hospital Grade" pump has a motor specifically designed to tolerate frequent and prolonged use (and a little abuse) and typically maintains stronger, more reliable suction than personal use pumps.  It also has specific safety measures in place that make it truly safe as a multiple-user device (unlike some personal use pumps that make similar claims).  

We highly recommend hospital grade pumps to anyone establishing or primarily maintaining a milk supply via pumping within the first 4-6 weeks of baby's life.  It is also ideal as part of plans for inducing lactation (you may want to see a lactation professional to create a robust plan that will work for your body, needs, and goals) and any frequent or exclusive pumper who isn't satisfied by the output from their personal pump (though you may want to see a lactation professional to improve supply maintenance all around, not just through changing pumps).  

**Pittsburgh Birth Nerd LLC has no partnership with, nor specifically recommends Medela over any other brand,  It is merely the brand that our pump happens to be.**

 Pricing:   $60 setup fee ($10 if you would like to provide your own symphony pumping kit)   and $20/week

Open a Hailing Frequency to inquire about pump rental

Hard Carry Case

Included in rental

Symphony Pumping Kit

Included in $60 setup fee.  $50 reduction if you'd like to provide your own, but please note that the yellow caps (pictured bottom left) are different from those on personal use medela pumps and are necessary to function.  If you used a symphony in the hospital, NICU, or elsewhere you may already have a kit that includes the yellow caps.