Childbirth & Lactation Education

Own Your Birth

Cost: $150/Birther and Support Person(s)

Timing: Second Half of Pregnancy/3rd Trimester

Duration: 3  3-Hour Sessions

Gain the knowledge and tools you need to take ownership of your birth experience.  Course will cover basic labor process and anatomy, decision making, healthy birth practices, comfort measures, golden hour and so much more.

Intentional Lactation

Cost: $50/Nurser and Support Person(s)

Timing: 3rd Trimester

Duration: 1  3-Hour Session

Nursing your baby doesn't have to be a matter of "I guess we'll see if it works out".  You can enter in with the knowledge and support system you need to meet your goals.  Intentional Lactation is a great introduction to the basic mechanics of breastfeeding.  Learn how to get off to a good start, latch & position baby, be certain that baby is getting enough, what to do when things get tough, and more. Partners are strongly encouraged to attend.  

In-Home Breastfeeding Education

Cost: $60/hour

Timing: 3rd Trimester

Breastfeeding education tailored to your personal needs and in the comfort of your own home. Contact to discuss your personal needs.