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Birth Doula & Lactation Consults ONLY
Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates are available.  Inquire HERE to purchase one.

Need Help Financing Doula Services?     Contact Aviva at the Hebrew Free Loan Association

"...parent(s) are welcome to apply for an interest-free loan through Hebrew Free Loan to fund the cost of the doula. We would loan them the totality of the cost up front, and then they can spread out the repayment of the loan over a year for as little as $75/month."

This process may involve credit checks or an interview.  Pittsburgh Birth Nerd, LLC is not affiliated with Hebrew Free Loan Association in any way.  This information is being shared to help improve access to doulas.  

As a partner of
Lactation Network,
we can accept SOME of the following insurances* for lactation consults

Including: Highmark, Anthem, and more!

Blue Cross/
Blue Shield
PPO Insurances

Cigna PPO

United PPO

How to Verify Insurance Coverage via Lactation Network

You can do this direct by contacting me via DM, text, or email.  This appointment is tentative and can always be changed or cancelled later if need be.  

2. Visit Lactation Network

Visit Lactation Network  and enter the demographic and insurance information requested.  

3. Wait for a Confirmation Email

You will need a confirmation email from Lactation Network to receive your benefit(s).  At this point, if we need to make any changes to your appointment, we can do so.  Confirmation typically comes within a few hours, but can take longer on weekends and holidays.  

*insurances must be confirmed by Lactation Network before coverage is assured.