Birth Nerd Glass Art

Premade and custom flameworked borosilicate glass art.  Often, but not always, birth and body inspired!  Open A Hailing Frequency to discuss custom creations!

Lactation Anatomy Phoenix, 2023

This started out with the intent to express the beauty and complexity of the also super-functional and nurturing anatomy of lactation. But along the way, my kids have shattered it... Twice. And I've re-worked and re-assembled it twice. And if that isn't a perfect reflection of motherhood shifting and remaking us over and over as we go along, I'm really not sure what it is. So, it's a little extra gnarly and worse for the wear, but aren't we all? And it's still functional and nurturing and... Beautiful. 

Currently touring as part of the 2023 Anthropology of Motherhood show

Masquerade, 2024

This was a commissioned piece for a Mardi Gras - themed fundraiser auction.  

Raised $175 for J&J Farms Animal Sanctuary

Spiderweb Hanger Earrings, 2023

Intended for wear through tunnels in most any size gauge.  

Part of my personal collection.  Keep your eyes out for a slightly modified version in the Etsy shop in the fall.  

Oxytocin, 2023

 My stylized, simplified rendition of an oxytocin molecule.  Oxytocin is a hormone of affection and closeness and one of the cool things it does is cause muscle contraction: The contractions of orgasm, of labor, and of the milk ejection reflex.  So to me, it's very deeply tied to joys and labors of motherhood. 

Keep your eyes out for this to become part of a larger work soon! 

Reproductive Anatomy Drawer Pulls, 2023

These "heads" were mounted on hardware and are now the drawer pulls in the Birth Nerd office

Mushroom Pendants, 2024

Available for purchase in my Etsy shop (see button above)!

Placenta Pendants, 2022-24

Available for purchase in my Etsy shop (see button above)!

Delicate Leaf Hangers, 2023

Leaf hangers for stretched lobes, intended for wear through tunnels.  Fits 6g or bigger.  

Part of my Personal Collection

Iris Trio, 2024

Made for a "May Flowers" show, irises are one of my favorite May-blooming, native Pennsylvanian flowers

Originally part of a "May Flowers" group show at the May 2024

Square Pyramid, 2024

Originally a technique exercise, I loved exploring geometry and pattern making this and it has inspired an entire series coming later this summer.  

Part of my personal collection.  Lives on the Birth Nerd office book shelves.  

Heritable 1, 2024

This is the first in a series titled "Heritable: This Isn't New", which follows the intertwining threads of different neurodiversities through family systems.  As it becomes clear how highly heritable neurodiversity is, we need to start examining generational trauma of outdated parenting techniques and views on neurodiversity and generations of unidentified, unsupported parents and grandparents.  Our methods of identifying and supporting neurodivergent folks may have changed, but the widespread existence of neurodiverse people is not new.  

Originally Revealed at Art All Night Pittsburgh 2024

Fort Pitt, 2024

Built for the auction at the 2024 Friends All Around gala for Friendship Circle of Pittsburgh.  This organization has meant so much to my family and it was a privelidge to support them in this way.  

This piece raised $660 for The Friendship Circle of Pittsburgh!

Mother's Day 


4-of-a-kind (there are 2 blue ones) glass chain necklaces